Open Doors in Fenton!

All the Small Things CiC have been chosen to have use of the new Open Doors space at 283 City Road in Fenton, Stoke on Trent for community action.

We will be based there one day a week for a year, and also using the space for occasional events on other days. We will use Open Doors for CiC meetings, 1000 Lives Steering Group meetings, training, Community Organising, Got It Want It community resource exchange events and more…

Photos by Caitlin Mogridge and Penny Vincent.

Open Doors is a Government funded pilot to regenerate the high street using empty shops for community projects. There are five spaces in England being used in this way, managed by the Meanwhile Foundation.

The other organisations using the space will be Movie Mavericks, Sporting Communities CiC and Westbury Ironing.


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