Social Action training and support 2022

We are excited to be able to offer a programme of funded Social Action training and mentoring over the next few months, thanks to funding from the National Lottery Community Fund.

All the Small Things is a Social Action Hub. We help people to listen, be powerful and take action for change, both locally and nationally.
We are committed to positive social change and working  for a more socially just, caring and cooperative society.

As members of the National Academy of Community Organising we offer training in the practice and principles of community organising.

Community Organising is the work of bringing people together to take action around their common concerns and overcome social injustice.
Community Organisers reach out and listen, connect and motivate people to build their collective power. When people are organised, communities get heard and power begins to shift creating real change for good.


Community Organising Taster Session
Wednesday 15th June 2022, 10am-12 noon, online

This short, free course is a two-hour online taster session that gives a broad overview of community organising. It is also an opportunity to meet and connect with others interested in learning more about community organising.

Listening Skills for Community Organising
Thursdays 23rd, 30th June and 7th July, 1-4.30pm online

This community organising course will help you to develop the skills and confidence to start listening to people in your community. It’s run over 3 session and there is the opportunity for some supported, practical listening experience in the community.

Building Power through Community Organising
Tuesdays 26th July, 2nd and 9th August, 1-4.30pm online

On this course you will explore and develop your understanding of power, which is what drives community organising: what power means and how power can be built in community to overcome social injustice and create change.

Action for change through Community Organising
Mondays 12th, 19th and 26th September, 1-4.30pm online

On this course you will explore how you can make change for good through collective action. You’ll learn how to develop a strategy for change based on listening, building people power and leadership and picking tactics and methods for action.


Monthly Peer Support for Community Helpers
Next one, Thursday 16th June 1-3pm online

It is important that community helpers have support for their own wellbeing. We give people time to stop, think and share tips for looking after ourselves.

  • We connect people together who are busy supporting people in their communities.
  • We help people share their experiences and ideas, share information and resources.
  • We work with local partner organisations to make sure people know where to get support and how to make a difference in their communities.

Small group mentoring sessions
Monthly, 1.5 hour session between June and September, online (spaces are limited).

Led by an experienced mentor, these sessions will:

  • support you to develop your skills and confidence
  • identify and reflect on your strengths
  • help you to decide your own focus and set goals
  • provide space to explore ways of dealing with community challenges


Online Tea Party
Tuesday 28th June, 2-3.30pm

An opportunity to gather with others to celebrate successes, encourage each other and highlight future training or support needs. This is a session for anyone connected to All the Small Things. It’s an opportunity to check in and network with one another. You might be a volunteer, community worker, previous course/event participant or partner organisation representative – all are welcome!

Local Organising Group for North Staffs

The Local Organising Group is for people who have done the Community Organising training and other people who are interested in taking action together.

The Local Organising Group has an Action Plan which is about supporting our communities with the challenges of COVID-19, poverty and loneliness.

If you would like to join or link with us please email:

Celebration Event

Late September 2022.
More details to follow soon!

Visit our Eventbrite home page which has all the courses and sessions listed for you to book your place.

To find out more and show your interest email us at

We look forward to learning and working with you!

Penny, Carmel, Sarah, Cath, Lynne and Ros – the Social Action Hub team

Download our All the Small Things Social Action Hub current opportunities information.

Download our All the Small Things Social Action Hub booklet


Stone Railway Station Access

April 2022

We want to know if step-free access at Stone Rail station would help you.

In April 2022 All the Small Things are asking people for their views on access to Stone Railway Station.

Photo of Stone Station, a red brick building with cars parked in front.

The information we get from the research may give us evidence of the need for better access, including the possible installation of lifts. It will inform potential future bids for funding to carry out this work.

drawings of a wheelchair, a pushchair, a bike, a suitcase

Our researchers will be out and about at Stone station, in the areas around the station and in the town centre. We will also visit relevant local groups. More details, including an information sheet, will be available on The Website of the North Staffordshire Community Rail Partnership (

There are three ways that you can take part:

A magnifying glass and a woman who is listening and looking.
  1. Online Stone Station Access survey.
    The survey will be open until 30th April.
  2. Sessions on zoom
    Thursday 28th April at 6.30pm
    Friday 29th at 1pm
    Please let Ros Beddows know if you would like to take part and she will send you the link
  3. Small focus group meeting
    Wednesday 20th April at 10.30am in the Community Centre at Stone Station. Refreshments will be provided.
    Please let Ros know if you are coming.

If you have any comments or questions about this project or want more information, please email:


North Staffs Community Rail Partnership

Ros Beddows  

Claire Sandys  

picture of a written report

There will be a written report at the end of the project.

If you would like us to add you to the mailing list please email Ros.

The research has been commissioned by Stoke on Trent City Council and North Staffordshire Community Rail Partnership, and funded by Northwestern Railway.

Raise Voices, Change Lives, End Poverty

This is your call to action!

The Raising Voices project needs your help.

We all know that poverty is wrong.
There is too much of a gap between the rich and those with the least money.

man using a wheelchair and holding a loud hailer to speak up and campaign

The Raising Voices project is trying to change that.

No matter how much time you have got there is something YOU can do!

We need your voice and your time to tackle poverty in Stoke on Trent.

timer showing 5 minutes

5 minutes

Share your ideas for what needs to be done to end poverty in Stoke on Trent. Fill in this short survey, to help write a manifesto for change. There are just 3 questions.

Follow, Like and Share our Raising Voices social media messages.

Facebook Get talking Hardship

Twitter Hardship Stoke

timer showing 10 minutes

10 minutes

Share your poem about poverty.

a postcard with space for you to write or draw in.

Send in a postcard to share your stories, views and thoughts about poverty in Stoke on Trent.

Order a free postcard from Raising Voices. The postcard comes in a pack with instructions and a free return envelope for you to use to send your completed postcard(s) back to us.

timer showing 1 hour

1 hour

Give away what you can spare. Donate to the Food Bank, or Hygiene Bank while you are shopping. Donate to a Charity Shop when you are having a clear out.

Woman smiling and the word "Give"

Watch and listen to the 2022 report on poverty in the UK, from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation or read it on their website.

UK Poverty 2022 report cover
timer showing 2 hours

2 hours

Get tips for taking great photos that show what poverty is like in Stoke on Trent at our free online photography workshop on 17th February 2022 1 til 3pm. Please book on eventbrite.

Man taking a photo
Photography workshop poster.

Make a podcast with Community Cast, by telling the story of your experience of food poverty and hardship. 07931553787

4 hours

Chat with others about what has helped you and needs to happen in the city in order to make things better for peoples wellness. Join the free wellness workshop on 8th March 10am to 2pm at the Dudson Centre, Hanley, Stoke on Trent. Lunch is included. Please book on eventbrite.

Wellness session poster.

Write about how you feel and think about poverty in our city. Come to a free poetry workshop on 9th March 10am to 2pm at Staffordshire University. Lunch in included. Please book on eventbrite.

Poetry workshop poster.

1 day

Make your own clay tile, to help show the story of poverty in Stoke on Trent, in a free creative hands-on clay workshop on Saturday 12th March from 10 am – 4 pm. Chat and share ideas. Make a clay tile based on your experiences of and thoughts towards Hardship in the local area.

There are only 15 places. Please email Lynne for information

Clay storytelling workshop poster. event on 26th Fe 10am to 4pm at St Mark's Church Shelton.

Regular time to give?

Join with other people to take action.
Join with other people to take action.
Raising Voices logo

Join the Raising Voices steering group to shape the project and our future local action together.

The meetings are friendly and informal, you can take part face to face or online. There is always food.

Contact Ryan Fox or Lynne Ball if you want to come along – email phone Lynne 0751 881 3131.

APLE Collective - Addressing Poverty with Lived Experience.

Join the APLE Collective, the national collective of people who experience of poverty, working together with organisations that support us to take positive action to eradicate poverty. All the Small Things and Expert Citizens in Stoke on Trent are already members. We can support you to join and take part.

Meetings are only one hour long. There are two main meetings each month on Tuesdays, one to share information from all the members and catch up, and the other to hear back from sub-groups. The sub-groups each meet twice a month for one hour. The sub-group topics are:

  • Campaigns and Communications, on Wednesdays
  • Learning Together on Thursdays
  • Governance on Thursdays

If you would like to go to a meeting to find out more, please email Lynne at All the Small Things and she will support you. allthesmallthings @

Are you worried about the rises in fuel costs?

Join the conversation about how we tackle fuel poverty together.

overdue fuel bills

Community Organisers Ltd are focussing on people on prepayment meters and people who are hit the hardest by these increases.

We invite you to join the conversation to decide where to focus our campaign

There is a meeting on Thursday 10th February at 1pm.
Book your place on eventbrite here.

If you want to join the campaign but are not free on the 10th, please email Dot Kirk

VAST logo

VAST can match you with a volunteer role that suit you.

people packing emergency aid boxes of medicine and food. Be a community helper.

From Charity Shops, to CAB advice worker, family support, volunteer driver, digital buddy or telephone befriender, there is a role for everyone. VAST will help you find a way to share your gifts, time and interests with others, at times to suit you. There will be training, support and expenses so you can get experience and develop your skills and knowledge. Volunteers make a BIG difference to the lives of people living in poverty and to the community as a whole. It’s good for you too – volunteering is good for wellbeing and confidence and can help you get paid work if that’s what you are looking for.

Local Organising Group logo

Join the North Staffs Local Organising Group to take social action on poverty!
Email 1000livesnetwork @ or phone Lynne on 0751 881 3131.

Get help

Food prices, fuel costs and COVID have all made it harder for most of us to get by easily. If you are having problems with money, don’t struggle alone. There is no shame in asking for support.

woman with empty wallet

CAB (Citizens Advice) Staffordshire North and Stoke on Trent can help you manage your money, apply for benefits, deal with debt, housing, immigration and a wide range of other problems.

Help with food

Stoke on Trent Food Bank call for advice, get a voucher from a referral organisation then go and collect your food parcel, a cuppa and a chat.

older woman helping give out food parcels

YMCA Pantry Pay a small weekly fee of £3.50, then choose at least ten items of quality food.

Great Winter Get Together 2022

From 17th-30th January, the Jo Cox Foundation wants to spread the word that there is #NoShameInSharing and to get the conversation started around loneliness.

Photo of Jo Cox MP

This campaign is inspired by Jo Cox, who experienced loneliness while she was at university and when she became a mother to her two children. When she became an MP, she was determined that others should not have to go through similar feelings alone, and said:  

“I will not live in a country where thousands of people are living lonely lives, forgotten by the rest of us.” 

The team at the Jo Cox Foundation want to continue the work she started, and hope to make January a time for connection – bringing people together and reducing the stigma around loneliness. 

The Great Get Together

Visit the Great Get Together website today for a toolkit which has a handy scale so you can discover what easy action you can take that suits your current confidence level.

All the Small Things want to share information about projects and activities going on in our area that connect people (face to face or virtual), as part of the Great Winter Get Together campaign.

photo of a man smiling and waving hello

Paul is an active neighbour, a real community connector in Stoke on Trent.

“When I see people as I’m going out and about, I say hello and have a chat.
If people are not having as many social contacts as they would like, I’ve started telling them about a coffee morning at a local community centre I go to. I encourage them to meet new people. It worked for me”.

Paul wants to encourage everyone to say hello, or just smile. It can make a big difference to how lonely other people feel.

yellow poster saying "Reach out"

“Beside you” support cafe.
We want to open a mental health café in Audley parish, this will be for those not only suffering from mental health but those that are supporting and caring for somebody who has mental health issues. Our aim is to have a place where people can meet up and know they have someone to talk to who can relate in some way in regards to mental health. At our cafe we aim to have a therapy room, go on day trips, creative writing, board games area etc We are looking for volunteers for the group or any professionals or ex professionals that wouldn’t mind give up some of their time to help us in this much needed program within our parish. Please contact Jeanette Harris on 07940 127805

CAFAG poster - start your day with coffee and a smile, Coffee cup.

CAFAG and Befriending Service Coffee Morning.
You are invited to the next coffee morning at the Whitfield Valley Centre in Fegg Hayes on Wednesday 2nd February 2022. It starts at 10:30am and is a chance to find out about our Befriending Service and what other activities and services  CAFAG has to offers.

Carelink is part of Saltbox based in Hanley. We strive to improve people’s lives by tackling loneliness and isolation and helping people to live healthier for longer. Our service is open to anyone over the age of 65 who lives in Stoke-on-Trent or North Staffs. We provide a free Telephone befriending service and run social activity groups at Redemption Hub Stoke on Tuesday Mornings 10am – 12pm. Plus Hanley Indoor Market and Swan Bank Cafe on Thursday mornings 10am – 12pm. alongside a weekly exercise group (KOKU) and a monthly Digital Inclusion group (Connect Club). Contact: 01782 810320 or e:

CCMA community centre in Cobridge.
Education, training, exercise group, art group, children’s group, fundraising, domino’s, lunch club, and soup club. Rooms available for meetings, weddings, christenings, funerals, birthday or anniversary parties. 07470 459376

group of older people sitting round tables chatting and smiling

MHA Communities North Staffs has a mission to reduce isolation and loneliness in the over 55’s.
We have a range of groups in the North Staffordshire area, including lunch groups, social groups, exercise, arts and crafts and a History and Reminiscence group. In addition we run a befriending service. We can also organise transport to our groups, at a small cost. We are keen to hear from anybody who would like to join our community as either a member or as a volunteer, in a number of different roles. You are sure of a warm welcome!
Contact Sharon Morley, 07568 612 037,

Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce – Positive Pathways
Supports refugees living in Stoke on Trent or Staffordshire, to develop confidence, skills, job search and help to set up a business with a grant available.
To find out more: phone 01782 202222 email

The Care and Fun Club Blythe Centre offer enhanced library services, groups and activities to keep people connected within their community.

VAST logo white with grey writing

VAST Volunteer Brokerage: Connecting volunteers to opportunities across the city. We work with Community partners to share their opportunities. What makes Vast volunteer brokerage stand out is its unique way of taking time to get to know the volunteers and well as service providers so that we make bespoke matches of volunteers to opportunities. Volunteering is a good way for those who can, to find something meaningful to do and reduce their own loneliness and isolation. Community Health Champions: Working with volunteers in the community to connect better with their local community and share health and well being messages including how to look after one’s mental health in order to maintain or improve quality of life. Again in this project, our Champions use their knowledge of the community to provide bespoke support be it through signposting or referral and sometimes handholding into services that may support to reduce loneliness and isolation as well as other associated health concerns.

Westport Lake Community Group
We have hung words of kindness around the estate at Westport Lake to hopefully some of the winter blues residents might be feeling. Katy x

Take action with the Great Winter Get Together

Please pass on this information to people you know to highlight the Great Winter Get Together campaign and help reduce the stigma of loneliness.

Follow the Great Winter Get Together on social media: facebook 

You are welcome to join the Loneliness Strategic Partnership in North Staffs.
If you are a volunteer or paid worker organising activities that connect people to tackle loneliness, please email allthesmallthings AT or phone Lynne on 0751 881 3131 for more information.

Heritage Photo Walk map and guide

There are so many hidden treasures around St Mark’s Church in Shelton, which tell lots of different heritage stories.

Jenny Harper from the Photographers Collective North Staffs has worked with us to make this map and guide to help you on your own heritage photo walk to explore.

We would love to see the photos you take on your walk. Whare your photos on social media #U1RPhotoWalk

You can download the map and top tips as separate images or choose the whole leaflet which you can print out and fold to put in your pocket.

Under One Roof Photo Walk guide front page with photo of St Mark's Church
Map of Shelton with sites of heritage interest marked
a view of St Mark's Church tower looking up
Photography tips - 
take time to look before you start to photograph
try different angles
look for patterns
move closer with your feet
respect people's privacy
share your photos on social media #U1RPhotoWalk

Visit the Under One Roof website to download a copy of the Photo Walk guide to print at home.

Paper-cut stained glass windows

A group of people from the Friends of St Mark’s and the B Arts Space to Connect Advisory Group have worked together to think about the heritage of St Mark’s and to design a craft workshop.

We chose to focus on the beautiful stained glass windows in the Church. We also looked at Islamic art and the designs of tiles.

This led us to think about paper cut craft as a way to make our own stained glass windows.

Paper cut round window

We asked artist Richard Redwin to teach us how to make paper cut stained glass windows.

The group ran a workshop on zoom led by one of the Friends of St Mark’s. There were just 6 places and it was open to anyone to book onto. Three people came along – one from Stoke on Trent, one from Scotland and one from London.

Everyone was interested in the heritage and culture as well as the craft and design. We talked about our ideas for making our own paper cut windows, and we all had a go. People said they learned a lot, it was “relaxing” and they had a chance to know a bit about Stoke area and want to learn more about the Potteries.

You can download a guide to help you make a stained glass window from card and tissue paper – click on the link below.

Celebrate Volunteers Week 2021!

Join the Big Workshop Day on the 2nd June 2021!

If you are a community helper, volunteer or support communities, or you are interested in volunteering or taking community action in North Staffordshire, this event is for you.

At the event you will –

  • get to know each other
  • take part in workshops of your choice, on a range of topics linked to volunteering and community action including wellbeing.
  • celebrate volunteering
  • develop skills, knowledge and confidence

Please book your place at the event. It is free to take part.

The event is organised by 1000 Lives Network, All the Small Things CiC, Expert Citizens CiC and VOICES of Stoke, with support from VAST.

Our aims are to:

  • Bring people together to learn from each other’s experience,
  • increase diversity and inclusion, connections, peer support, volunteering opportunities.

Have you got a short workshop you would like to run? There will be two workshop slots during the morning one of 30 and the other lasting 50 minutes.

Please email us with your offer!

Take part in the Big Thank You – a Celebration of all the brilliant people who volunteer to help others in their communities across North Staffordshire.

Do you know someone who you would like to say thank you to for helping and supporting you in the COVID pandemic? Someone who has gone the extra mile. Your lifeline.

It could be a community group or team. Maybe the person who brought your prescription? The person who phoned to check how you were?

The Big Thank You event on Friday 4th June is to celebrate and thank the community helpers in North Staffordshire.

Please book your place and invite other people to come.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is thank-you.jpg

Put someone forward for a Big Thank you –

  • fill in this form
  • email
  • phone Lynne from 1000 Lives on 0751 881 3131
  • send in a 1 minute video to say who you are nominating and why you want to say thank you to them

Everyone who is put forward for a thank you will be recognised. It it not a competition.

James Davies has volunteered to help you tell your story about the person you want to thank and why.

James says “Hello, my background is in journalism. If you’re looking for a little help or inspiration with putting your thoughts into words, I’m your guy.  Whether it’s through words, pictures, or video, I’m here to help you tell your story the way you want it to be told”.

Please ask for help when you contact us to nominate someone.

At the event we will –

  • watch videos and hear stories about the people we are celebrating.
  • be entertained by performances of music and poetry.

The event is organised by 1000 Lives Network, All the Small Things CiC, Expert Citizens CiC and VOICES of Stoke, with support from VAST.

We aim to:

  • bring people together to reflect on, share and learn from each other’s experience,
  • increase diversity and inclusion, connections, peer support, volunteering opportunities.
  • celebrate everything volunteers have done in the city particularly over the past 12 months

The event is for anyone interested in volunteering or community action in North Staffordshire.

Please book your place and invite other people to come. Don’t forget to tell the people you nominate for a thank you!

Under One Roof Spring Newsletter

Find out more about the Under One Roof project and take part in activities for all ages, this Spring 2021.

We have had a long, dark, locked down winter.
Spring has sprung and we want to celebrate with a Newsletter for you.

Click the link below to download the Under One Roof Spring Newsletter.

Contact Lynne if you would like to know more about the Friends of St Mark’s and how to join.
Join the Photo Challenge – take a photo of St Mark’s Church from any angle, near or far. Share your photo to add to our gallery. Post your photo on twitter or instagram @underoneroofpr1 with hashtag #U1RPhotoView or email it so using wetransfer
Name the gargoyle and win an Easter Egg! Email by 19th April. Share your stories of your memories or connections with St Mark’s. Listen to our series of 6 podcasts which tell the story of local craftsmen and women and all include guest speakers and music.
Page 4 of the Spring Newsletter
Thank you to all our volunteers, supporters and funders. Keep in touch.

Contact Under One Roof project


Phone 0751 881 3131

Post St Mark’s Church, Snow Hill, Stoke on Trent ST1 4LT

Facebook Under One Roof Project

Twitter and Instagram @underoneroofpr1

Stoke-on-Trent Community Share Network 24th Feb 2021

On 24h February 2021 Totally Stoked and All the Small Things CIC hosted a connect and share event on zoom for Voluntary Organisations and Community Groups in Stoke on Trent.

Totally Stoked Stoke Sharing Network logo

This collaborative event was an opportunity to meet with and be inspired by creative people, organisers, social activists and volunteers from other local organisations engaging ways.

We had several guest speakers from varying organisations and projects who came to discuss their creative practices. Joining us was:

  • Rebecca Davies from The Portland Inn Project
  • Nicola Winstanley from Voluntary Arts England
  • The Women’s Peacemakers Project from Shelton, Cobridge and Normacot
  • Anne Kinnaird from Letting in the Light/Festival Stoke
  • Kat Boon from Appetite

Click here to view recording (2 hours view time)

At the end of the event we participated in a Got It Want It activity which can be seen below :

image of a whiteboard covered in green and pink post it notes

(Direct contact details have been covered – if you wish to engage with an ‘offer’ or ‘need’ on this Got It Want It image, please email who will request permission for the contact details to be shared)

Please join us for our next event on Wednesday 24th of March from 10am to 12.30pm on Zoom. This event is about digital skills, inclusion and engagement.

Register for your free ticket today CLICK HERE