Big Workshop Day 2021

We had 11 great workshops on the 2nd June 2021 in Volunteers Week.

On the 1000 Lives website you can

  • read the notes from the day,
  • see what people offered and asked for on the Got It Want It wall
  • download presentations and information from workshops

Celebrate Volunteers Week 2021!

Join the Big Workshop Day on the 2nd June 2021!

If you are a community helper, volunteer or support communities, or you are interested in volunteering or taking community action in North Staffordshire, this event is for you.

At the event you will –

  • get to know each other
  • take part in workshops of your choice, on a range of topics linked to volunteering and community action including wellbeing.
  • celebrate volunteering
  • develop skills, knowledge and confidence

Please book your place at the event. It is free to take part.

The event is organised by 1000 Lives Network, All the Small Things CiC, Expert Citizens CiC and VOICES of Stoke, with support from VAST.

Our aims are to:

  • Bring people together to learn from each other’s experience,
  • increase diversity and inclusion, connections, peer support, volunteering opportunities.

Have you got a short workshop you would like to run? There will be two workshop slots during the morning one of 30 and the other lasting 50 minutes.

Please email us with your offer!

Take part in the Big Thank You – a Celebration of all the brilliant people who volunteer to help others in their communities across North Staffordshire.

Do you know someone who you would like to say thank you to for helping and supporting you in the COVID pandemic? Someone who has gone the extra mile. Your lifeline.

It could be a community group or team. Maybe the person who brought your prescription? The person who phoned to check how you were?

The Big Thank You event on Friday 4th June is to celebrate and thank the community helpers in North Staffordshire.

Please book your place and invite other people to come.

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Put someone forward for a Big Thank you –

  • fill in this form
  • email
  • phone Lynne from 1000 Lives on 0751 881 3131
  • send in a 1 minute video to say who you are nominating and why you want to say thank you to them

Everyone who is put forward for a thank you will be recognised. It it not a competition.

James Davies has volunteered to help you tell your story about the person you want to thank and why.

James says “Hello, my background is in journalism. If you’re looking for a little help or inspiration with putting your thoughts into words, I’m your guy.  Whether it’s through words, pictures, or video, I’m here to help you tell your story the way you want it to be told”.

Please ask for help when you contact us to nominate someone.

At the event we will –

  • watch videos and hear stories about the people we are celebrating.
  • be entertained by performances of music and poetry.

The event is organised by 1000 Lives Network, All the Small Things CiC, Expert Citizens CiC and VOICES of Stoke, with support from VAST.

We aim to:

  • bring people together to reflect on, share and learn from each other’s experience,
  • increase diversity and inclusion, connections, peer support, volunteering opportunities.
  • celebrate everything volunteers have done in the city particularly over the past 12 months

The event is for anyone interested in volunteering or community action in North Staffordshire.

Please book your place and invite other people to come. Don’t forget to tell the people you nominate for a thank you!

1000 Lives funding news

Thank you to everyone who supported our applications for funding recently.

The good news is …. All the Small Things CiC have been given funding by three funders for 1000 Lives!

1,000 Lives

1 Stoke on Trent City Council have funded us to the end of March 2018 for three areas of activity:

  • Action For All – follow up from the Enabling Social Action event, sharing learning with partners and to support volunteering for everyone, led by people with disabilities and long term conditions
  • loneliness and suicide prevention, encouraging community conversations to support people to find help
  • support more people to get involved in their community working with My Community Matters, Libraries, Vintage Volunteers and other social action projects

2 Seedbed have given us funding to develop Got It Want It with an online internet based system for sharing our skills, knowledge and other resources.

3 Lottery Awards For All have funded us from February 2018 for a year to develop the 1000 Lives Network to reach more people across the city. We will hold drop ins, put up community noticeboards and buy a portable hearing loop for our Network events and meetings.

Unfortunately we did not get through the second stage with our applications to:

  • Aviva Community Fund – Thank you if you voted for the Action For All project led by disabled people. We had 230 votes which is very good. However the website was difficult to use and didn’t work on the first day or two. Some people were put off by having to register with their email address. Over 9500 projects applied to the fund and only 500 will be funded.
  • NESTA Connecting Communities Fund – We asked for funding to develop our Got It Want It resource exchange. Only 15-20 organisations will be funded

We are still waiting to hear back about two applications

  • Place Based Social Action city wide partnership bid to the Big Lottery
  • CHAD research centre bid to the Wellcome Trust in partnership with All the Small Things CiC for a Community Action Research Network