Women’s Peacemaker project reaching new communities

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All the Small Things CiC have got funding from Stoke on Trent City Council to support women in the city to reach into new communities with the Women’ s Peacemaker Project.

We will be working in Normacot from September 2019 and Tunstall from January 2020.

peacemakers galleryThe Women’s Peacemaker Project started in Shelton and Cobridge in 2017. We brought a group of women together to meet regularly and listen to each other. We shared what makes us feel safe and things that caused us concern and make us feel unsafe.

Together we decided things we would like to focus on, invited experts to train us and did our own research to find out more. We made a plan for action.

With our new funding the group will have training and mentoring to reach out and involve other women, to listen to them and help them identify their priorities. We will develop a strong collective voice, plan and take action to make our communities safer for everyone.

For more information, to take part and to join our mailing list please email allthesmallthingscic@gmail.com


Women’s Peacemaker Project update

Bringing women together to talk about what makes us feel safe or unsafe, and decide what we can do to help make the city a better, safer place to live.

We had some funding from the Police and Crime Commissioner fund to set up the Women’s Peacemakers project.

A group of women have met three times since November. More than 20 women have attended sessions in person and a number of others have been in touch via email or social media.

We have started to name and celebrate things that bring us joy and make us feel safe such as, talking about our concerns, having choice, gaining knowledge, growing food and exercising.

We have also identified things that cause us concern and make us feel unsafe such as, domestic abuse, the internet, public speaking, terrorism and knife crime.

We will work together until March 2018.  There will be two opportunities a month to gather together. At every session there will be the opportunity to create something, from cake to craft.

What would you like to make?  Do you have a skill you would like to share?  If so, get in touch!

Together we will identify 5 themes and decide which 2 we would like to focus on.

We will also contact organisations who might be able to come and help us explore those themes in more detail.

For more information, to take part and to join our mailing list please email allthesmallthingscic@gmail.com