Heritage Photo Walk map and guide

There are so many hidden treasures around St Mark’s Church in Shelton, which tell lots of different heritage stories.

Jenny Harper from the Photographers Collective North Staffs has worked with us to make this map and guide to help you on your own heritage photo walk to explore.

We would love to see the photos you take on your walk. Whare your photos on social media #U1RPhotoWalk

You can download the map and top tips as separate images or choose the whole leaflet which you can print out and fold to put in your pocket.

Under One Roof Photo Walk guide front page with photo of St Mark's Church
Map of Shelton with sites of heritage interest marked
a view of St Mark's Church tower looking up
Photography tips - 
take time to look before you start to photograph
try different angles
look for patterns
move closer with your feet
respect people's privacy
share your photos on social media #U1RPhotoWalk

Visit the Under One Roof website to download a copy of the Photo Walk guide to print at home.