Under One Roof – take part!

Under One Roof is a community heritage project in and around St Mark’s and the local area.

Take part in the Under One Roof programme of community heritage activities.

The activities at St Mark’s and in Shelton community in-person, and new online activities will be listed on the project website and on our facebook page.

Here are some activities you can do from home.

Under One Roof Photo Challenge!

St Mark’s Church in Shelton is an important community landmark. Take a photo of a view St Mark’s Church in Shelton from any place or angle. #U1RPhotoView

image of St Mark's Church

Share your photos on Twitter or Instagram @underoneroofpr1 with the hashtag #U1RPhotoView. If your photo is bigger than 2MB please send it by WeTransfer. Email us for help.

We will share the best photos in our Photo gallery. The Friends of St Mark’s will select images for an Under One Roof photography exhibition!

By sharing photos, you agree your image can be used by the project on social media and in print.

Heritage Talk Podcast series

blue square with the words "Podcast Series 2020 Heritage and Local History"

We want to uncover the rich history and community heritage in the Shelton and Etruria area. You can take part in making podcasts to help share local stories.

You can hear an exciting series of 6 podcasts we made in 2021 called Journeymen, Craftswomen, Artists and Voyagers.

image of craft objects on shelves with the words "journeymen, craftswomen, artists, voyagers podcast series"

Newsletter and activity pack to download

image of the front page of an activity pack with red and blue flowers and the words "get busy and get creative".

Fun Seasonal Winter Activity Pack free to download here!

image of front page of spring newsletter, pale blue with the words "there is still room for you to take part"

Spring Newsletter with activities for all ages, free to download here!

Make your own paper-cut craft Stained Glass Window.

photo of a colourful circular stained glass window made of card and tissue paper.

The Friends of St Mark’s and the B Arts Space to Connect group have worked together to design a guide to help you make a stained glass window from card and tissue paper. There is also a video demonstration we asked artist Richard Redwin to do for us.

Heritage Photography Walk map and guide

Heritage photo walk map and guide cover with photo of St Mark's Church.

Get your camera or phone out and take a photo walk round Shelton to discover hidden heritage treasures. Download and follow the map and guide that photographer Jenny Harper has made for us. Share your photos with us on social media or by email.

Stitch Around Time Heritage Textiles Craft Guide

Express your own heritage using fabric, thread and simple sewing.

Cultural Sisters worked with us to share their sewing skills with a group of people in Shelton. They created a simple guide they gave to people along with a kit of materials. You can put your own kit together and use the guide to create your own circle of lovely textile art.

You will need:

  • A sewing ring (aka an embroidery hoop)
  • Embroidery threads
  • Needles and pins
  • A variety of fabric squares and some decorative trim
  • Scissors
  • A snippet of some personal fabric, beads and threads if you like

Friends of St Mark’s

You are invited to join the Friends of St Mark’s. The Friends are all people with a connection to St Mark’s Church, themselves or through their family.

The Friends work closely with All the Small Things to plan and run community activities.

image of lots of diverse people's faces

Contact Under One Roof project

 Email under1roofstmarks@gmail.com

Phone 0751 881 3131

 Post St Mark’s Church, Snow Hill, Stoke on Trent ST1 4LT

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Twitter and Instagram @underoneroofpr1